Saycheese Wedding Cake FAQ

Q.I don’t really like fruit cake. It is compulsory for my wedding cake to be fruit cake?

A. No it is not compulsory for your wedding cake to be fruit cake.  The main reason why most wedding cakes are fruit cake is because it keeps well. And most times, in this part of the world, the cake is not usually cut and served to guests, but is distributed to close family members, who for sentimental reasons  may not want the cake to finish quickly. This is hard to achieve with non fruit cakes.

Q.If my wedding cake is made up of non-fruit cakes, will it be more expensive than if it is fruit cake?

A. it will be slightly more expensive. Because fruit cakes keep well, they can be covered in fondant well in advance and hence give enough time for the remaining decoration and finishing to be done on the cake. This is not the case with non-fruit cakes and we are more likely to have to work late nights decorating and finishing the cake in order to meet up with the deadline.

Q.When should I book my wedding cake?

A. require that you book your wedding cake between 8weeks to 4weeks to your wedding at least .

Q.How much do your wedding cakes cost?

A. We have a price list for basic and simple designs. However, for more complex designs with intricate details, the prices depend on the complexity of the design. PRICING 

Q.What are cut ups?

A. are bite size fruit cakes that are individually wrapped and served to your wedding guests .

Q.Will you provide and decorate the cake table?

A. We do not provide or decorate the cake table. The venue décor person is handled the cake table .

Q.Will you make a speech about the cake at my wedding?

A. We do not make cake speeches. We prefer our cakes to speak for themselves .


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