SayCheese Cakes is a team of carefully selected bakers, sugar craft experts and cake consultants.

Located in the heart of Surulere, Lagos, Nigeria, the Sugar Benders are known to create delicious tasting cakes with new and innovative designs for a variety of events including Weddings, Birthdays, Corporate Events, Birthdays, Bridal showers, Baby Showers and Anniversaries.

Our Slogan

Our Cakes, Your Smile

  1. Our Vision

    To be a leading producer of some of the most sought after cakes in Lagos, Nigeria for its Freshness, Delicious Taste, Creativity, Aesthetics and also for our Superior Customer Experience.

  2. Our Mission

    To put a smile on the faces and the hearts of anyone who sees and/or tastes a SayCheese Cake.

  3. Our Core Value

    Hygiene :- ‎We work within a clean environment with clean hands, tools and equipment at all times.

    Cake Freshness :- We make all our cakes fresh on order basis only. We do not mass produce our cakes. We do not sell cake‎s off the shelf. We take the issue of our customers getting their cakes fresh very seriously.

    Integrity :- We won’t tell you we can make it if we can’t. We won’t promise you what we won’t deliver.

    Innovation :- We’re open to and constantly thinking of new ideas and ways of doings things that will create more value for our customers.

    Continuous and Never Ending Improvement :- We never stop learning. We never arrive. We believe there is always a next level.

  4. Our Working Hour

    Mondays to Fridays; 9am -5pm

    Saturdays:- 10am -4pm

    Sanitation Saturdays:- 12pm – 4pm

    Sundays:- Closed